New Update: Improved Reporting

Three weeks ago we released a significant update (blog) of the Timetag reporting interface.

Today, we’re further improving the user experience of the reports with some small changes:

  • Buttons to quickly toggle between “All time” and “This month” time ranges in the report filter.
  • More flexible report details: you can now choose to group the entries in 2 levels, allowing you to create and export a report according to your own preferences.
  • Report filter settings are now represented in the URL: This allows you to use the back/forward functionality of your browser to navigate the report states and also means you can share the link of a specific report to other users of your organization.
  • Restyled Budget window: more concise (tabular) list of budget numbers 
  • Added some additional colors for the report graphs
  • Several bug fixes and usability improvements



Several of these changes were inspired by your suggestions, don’t hesitate to send us feedback or feature ideas!

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