Why are my recent entries not shown in Timetag?

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1. Check if you have received an error notification in your side bar. Click on the Fix button and follow the instructions. 


2. If there is no error detected, don't panic. It can sometimes occur that Timetag does not get the notification from Google but if you simply update your entry or re-add it then all the changes will be pushed. 


3. If your entries still haven’t been updated, go to your Account Settings and click on Calendar Settings. Underneath Connected Calendars, there will be a notification as to when your calendar was last updated into Timetag. If this update has not occurred within the last few hours, click on the Sync calendar button and then hit Yes. This manual sync process may take a few minutes to complete.



4. If you still have trouble, please contact us at info@timetag.it and we will solve the problem.

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